Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre – Stable and Bedding Changes.

Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre – Stable and Bedding Changes.

WPNEC has undertaken an extensive review of our stable booking and stable bedding procedures.

In the past WPNEC has been providing bedding for all attendees and this had been built into the overall price of the stabling. The practice of providing this base level of bedding which was being cleaned after attendees had left and topped up for the next attendee, will now no longer continue.

We have made the decision based on several factors.

  • People’s expectations of the amount of bedding required for their horses varied considerably, some required a small amount, some required quite large volumes, we believe the new options provide a better method to the varying needs of different users
  • Whilst the Horsemate product was an excellent product and well received by most, the peoples levels of cleanliness when checking out of stables varied considerably. This make it quite labour intensive to maintain with changeovers between events.

Effective from Monday 10/8/2015, we will revert to the previous system where attendees booked their stable and purchase their bedding as a separate item. On this basis the amount of bedding is at the discretion of the user for them to decide what the suitable amount of bedding for their horse is. The amount purchased will also no doubt be dependent on their length of stay.

Stable cleaning will be at the discretion of the user. However a stable bond of $30.00 will be required for all future stable bookings. This amount will be refunded post attendance at the venue subject to the stable being cleaned. Cleaning is to comprise of total removal of all bedding in the stable. The refund will be processed directly back to the credit card used to book the stable initially. This will be done via the Nominate booking system that is currently used by WPNEC. This is a practice used by other venues that operate under the Nominate system. If the stable is not cleaned then the $30.00 bond will not be refunded. Attendees wishing to pay for cleaning in advance will pay a fee of $30.00 for cleaning and will not be required to pay a bond.

The bedding product used is to be a Premium wood shavings product provided by Breeders Choice. Attendees are strongly encouraged to purchase their bedding at time of booking their stable. All pre ordered bedding will be provided to the stable, opened and available for use on arrival.

Subsequently our pricing levels will change under this new procedure.

Stables in the “Barn” will be $49.00 per night.

Stables in Stable blocks A to E will be $37.00 per night.

Stable Bond payable when booking will be $30.00, refunded if stable cleaned satisfactorily on departure. Bond will not be refunded if stable left uncleaned.

Bedding “Breeders Choice” wood shavings will be a competitive market price of $14.50 per bale.



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